the space between
zarouhie abdalian, walead beshty, edson chagas, andy graydon, amalia pica, rachel sussman, audra wolowiec
april - dec 2016

#110: studio acht, berlin
sunday, july 31, 8pm
barry weisblat (radio, electronics) & heather frasch (flute) sonic realizations of: less than words can say by audra wolowiec

it runs deep
baby grand gallery, detroit, MI
opening: saturday, august 20, 4-6pm
amber locke, alivia zivich, audra wolowiec, daniel sperry, kylie lockewood, margo wolowiec, nikolas pence, romain blanquart, scott reeder

sound commission for weather has been nice
video installation by andrea wolf
new inc (new museum incubator space), NYC / august 2016
sala de arte CCU, santiago, chile / sept 2016

semaphore / third culture projects at the university of oregon art + science collaboration with santiago jaramillo lab
featuring experimental choir by jesse meija and typeface design by maurann stein


college art journal OPEN
summer issue 2016
“poetics of sound and language,” an annotated bibliography by audra wolowiec

auto body emotives
publishing puppies press / edited by annette knol
book release: friday, august 26, 7-10pm, sunview luncheonette, brooklyn, NY
amelia bande, deborah bower & mat fleming, maurice carlin, ursula döbereiner, stefan endewardt, tal gilboa & elizabeth stehl kleberg, zachary lucero, anne gilman, sarah m harrison, annika högner, daniela poch, catalina schliebener, gwen shockey, charlotte sims, jeanne vaccaro, hollis witherspoon, and audra wolowiec

REVIEW what isn’t there: audra wolowiec’s sounds, scents, and erasures by thomas micchelli on hyperallergic, april 2


artist in residence at the wassaic project with leon johnson
artist feature in BOMB magazine by emmalea russo
interview with helen miller for feldenkrais journal
curator for reductive journal: issue FIVE, mumei publishing
co-curator for sound american: issue 17, with heather frasch and ryoko akama