(                          )
2 slide projectors, 98 slides: inkjet prints on paper with Sea 006, a scented oil made in collaboration with Tara Pelletier
approx 10 min

first performed at the Poetry Project at St. Marks Church, this work is a language-based short film composed on two slide projectors. held by punctuation, signals from two lighthouses begin to sequence. from left to right, the projections communicate through call and response, buoyantly searching, locating each other in a shared space of reading.


crystalline interiors   /
                                     lunar frequencies

between speech   /
                                   but not spoken

islands of longing   /
                                     a pneumatic utterance

o    /
           to mouth the moon

aqueous channels
eroding                     /
                                         faceted secrets
                                         electric deserts

serenade between book jackets   /
                                                              layered, nestled, leaves

erratic boundaries   /
                                    fierce buoyancy

the choreography of hover   /
                                                   above the margins
                                                        in the fold

clues, shards, inscriptions   /
                                                  compiling a vocabulary
                                                  in elements and bone spurs

the page as sanctuary   /
                                            the fragment as portal

held by a shared language
proximity envelopes              /
                                                      mouthful of stars
                                                      seaweed beard

a lavish absence    /
                                      to retreat into

( t )here   / 
                     ( t )here      

hush   /


(references to the writing of Giordano Bruno and Edmond Jabès)



language loops
2 slide projectors, 160 slides: inkjet prints on transparency film
approx 20 min

This is a book.
This is a film.
This is night.

begins a story by Marguerite Duras. the setting is lit. words repeat to illuminate far away places: a blank screen, a mountain, daybreak over the water. to enter into a collective film. from one to another. by way of. at times. and so.

performed at Carousel and REVERSE in Brooklyn, NY.