a multi-layered collaborative project with the Jaramillo Neuroscience Lab at the University of Oregon, composer Jesse Mejía + CHOIR, and typeface design by Maurann Stein. commissioned by the Oregon Arts Commission's Percent for Art in Public Places Program and supported by Third Culture Projects, a series that invited collaborations between scientists working in the Lewis Integrative Science Building at the University of Oregon with artists from across the country. 

in collaboration with the Neuroscience Lab of Santiago Jaramillo that studies how meaning, memory, and attention are assigned to sounds, Audra Wolowiec created a series of text-based scores as poetic translations of data gathered from the lab and worked with Portland-based Jesse Mejía to compose a vocal piece with his experimental group, CHOIR. the influential lecture by C. P. Snow, The Two Cultures, that attempts to mediate the divide between the arts and sciences, was used as an underlying structure, mining gaps and slippages to create a new, third space of communication.

CHOIR voices | Tad Bamford, Michael Bunsen, Jin Camou, Benjamin Cleek, Sage Fisher, Liz Goltz, Carol Hickman, Justine Highsmith, Heidi Nelms, Chelsea Petrakis, Alyssa Reed- Stuewe, Anke Schuettler, Jeanne Snodgrass, Jackie Vargas, Gabi Villasenor, Allan Wilson

FLAG performers | Lindsey Allgood, Mandy Hampton, Laura Hughes, Julia Oldham, Esther Weng

SEMAPHORE TYPEFACE design | Maurann Stein

MUSIC BOX | sounds of mice listening, data gathered and translated into music scores available at the Jaramillo Lab, Lewis Integrative Science Building (215 LISB), University of Oregon, Eugene

this took place in October 2016 at the University of Oregon in the Lewis Integrative Science Building (LISB), Eugene, OR and the Extradition Series, Portland, OR. Third Culture Projects is supported through the Oregon Arts Commission's Percent for Art in Public Places Program.

special thanks to Branic Howard for the live audio recording at Extradition and Eric Corwin for video assistance.

image credit: Greg Wahl-Stephens