private space in a public time
audio 2 min loop
12 panel text score (24 x 17 inches each), screenprint ink and paint on wall
(newsprint text score edition also available)

private space in a public time is made from a condensed series of vocal sounds that explore communication through fragmentation. the reading, based on Vito Acconci's text Public Space in a Private Time, was recorded and edited, leaving a series of stops and starts, a slippery language of faintly recognizable utterances.

Redactions are aural in Audra Wolowiec's sound piece that intimately registers the sibilant breaks between words and the material qualities of silence. 
—Rachel Funari, curator

originally commissioned for Art in General's A/V Elevator Project Space, exhibited in Eraser at Magnan-Metz, The Space Between at MASS MoCA and featured in BOMB Magazine, fall 2016.

special thanks to Sarah Pike at Freefall Laser for screenprinting at MASS MoCA.