power talk
multi-channel sound installation, drywall, speakers
10 x 10 ft walls, 6-8 minute audio loops

site-specific installation for hedge: Audra Wolowiec and Rit Premnath at Present Company, Brooklyn, NY, March - April 2018

Over the past decade, Wolowiec and Premnath have crossed over seemingly parallel interdisciplinary practices transforming the nuances of sociopolitical ephemera and perception into intricate and poetic visual iconography, sculptures, and installations. The phonetics of language and the residue of culture rooted in the artists’ works embody personal and shared histories aimed at reframing the viewers’ awareness of sense and site. 

In recent works, Audra Wolowiec’s sculptural sound installations and experimental language scores have focused on the gap, space, or breath in between speech as generators of meaning. Her newest work, language from the center / language from the edge, unravels the linguistic implications of deconstructing prose from a self-help manual titled, Power Talk. This multi-channel, site-responsive sound installation alters the command vocalizations promoted in the book by removing consonants and consequently decentralizing (or destabilizing) the nature of authoritative speech.

hedge suitably mirrors the way Audra Wolowiec and Sreshta Rit Premnath collaboratively engage within the gallery by mediating succinct interventions, subtle architectural shifts, and overlapping visual refrains. As a collection of articulations, developed from the artists’ prolonged engagement with their natural and built environments, the exhibition proposes a series of social and conceptual boundaries slowly inching to and from each other. 

image credit: Ethan Browning