if not, waves
sound installation
10 speaker, 5 channel, mp3
featuring Max Murray (tuba) and Megan Forbes, Hannah McMurray, Sal Randolph, David Richardson (voice)
audio 14 min, loop

installed at the exhibition (          ) at Studio 10, Brooklyn, NY. special thanks to Max Murray, Megan Forbes, Hannah McMurray, Sal Randolph, David Richardson for collaborative content.

There is a deep, low tone – a tuba, in fact – evoking a foghorn at night. Layered over that are the sounds of voices, men and women, playing word-association games about the sea, verbal connections devoid of narrative and emotion.

“If not, waves” occupies a central position in the exhibition. With its downward-facing speakers, each suspended at an equal height above the floor, it creates an implied interior space, an obliquely invoked seascape enclosed by invisible walls.

Thomas Micchelli, Hyperallergic

Wolowiec used Studio 10 as a recording lab and played the results on several clustered speakers, which sporadically emitted soft incantatory sounds and words associated with the sea. I was placed in a pleasant reversal—not leaning over or walking toward "the ocean," but on my toes, looking up at the speakers dangling like clunky seaweed strands above me. I was at sea. Or under it? The unending loops of ocean waves and brain waves came to mind. Wolowiec wasn't attempting to capture pauses. Rather, she allowed us to linger in the quieter moments of speech and movement.

Emmalea Russo, BOMB Magazine


ocean sounds
found and collaged book and magazine pages on archival paper
20 x 16 inches each

limited edition print series published and available through Norte Maar