cotton and linen with pigment on linen and abaca
dimensions from 9x7 inches to 40x30 inches

handmade paper created during Workspace Residency at Dieu Donné

The paper pulp, while buoyantly suspended in water, responded in wave-like patterns during the papermaking process, creating a call and response between material and movement. The atmospheric qualities of sound, how it is felt but not seen, became parallels to that of water held in the paper vats and screens. I began to research images of how sound traveled through water and came upon a series of photographs of wave interference patterns used in physics demonstrations (most famously by Berenice Abbott, from “Interference of Waves” (1958-1961), using a method she created while working at MIT for illustrating techniques in physics by exposing projections of oscillating waves onto photographic paper). Loosely translating these graphic systems through a combination of diagrams and photographs, I produced sheets of paper that attempted to capture the ephemeral phenomena. As a companion series, I cast a series of pigmented paper pulp into rubber molds taken directly from sound foam panels. These forms vary in tone, from silent to loud, further exploring a sonorous experience through resonant material forms.