the music of the city is free
ink on paper featuring 17 hand-written translations
18 x 24 inches

In Audra Wolowiec's recent project, "the music of the city is free," posters proclaiming this sentiment are stacked in the gallery, to be taken freely by visitors. These works are not only multi-sensory, but multivalent, offering the possibility of connecting and drawing meaning broadly, on levels that are both emotional and intellectual, personal and collective.  —Elizabeth Ferrer, Curator, BRIC Gallery

the phrase "the music of the city is free" was translated into 17 different languages by individual interpretation via handwriting—English, Spanish, German, Romanian, French, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Bosnian, Polish, Greek, Portuguese, and American Sign Language. it culminated as a take-away print series and public poster installation for the exhibition Art into Music at BRIC (Brooklyn, NY). featured in Time Out NYBrooklyn Magazine, WNYC, and the Look + Listen Festival in 2016.