prompt: issue 1, Workbook for a Performance, Audra Wolowiec and Jenni Crain, 2018
Workbook for a Performance is a language-based performance score by Audra Wolowiec, based on interventions of text from Virginia Woolf's The Waves. It invites multiple interpretations, embodied silences, collective performances, and participatory readings. With the words Virginia Woolf wrote in her diary on the day she finished The Waves as another form of prompt, I have never written a book so full of holes and patches; that will need rebuilding.

BOMB Magazine, Audra Wolowiec by Emmalea Russo, 2016
The results do not point at the results—they are rich process and rhythm cues, evidence that language is audible even in its silence, and visible in the margin and spaces of its arranging and rearranging. Wolowiec is not presenting conclusions. She is inviting the viewer to investigate the ineffable.

Hyperallergic, What Isn't There: Audra Wolowiec's Sounds, Scents, Erasures, Thomas Micchelli, 2016
Much of Wolowiec’s work is about what isn’t there. Or, more to the point, the elements that are endowed with shape, surface, and weight often function as delivery systems for those that are not, literally or metaphorically. Sound waves, light beams, and elided texts define the core of her practice.

Feldenkrais Journal, Issue 29 | Voluntary + Involuntary Movements: Somatic Practice in Contemporary Art, interview by Helen Miller

Sound American, Issue 13 | How We Listen | edited by Nate Wooley

Fell. Magazine | Interview

College Art Association (CAA) Art Journal Open, Critical Bibliographies: Poetics of Sound and Language by Audra Wolowiec
The page becomes a destination, a portal, and a place of encounter. 

CAA Journal: Poetics of Sound and Language


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curator of Mumei Journal: Issue FIVE featuring work by Ben Vida, Emmalea Russo, Maria Chavez and Steve Roden.

curator of Sound American: Networks of Listening featuring interviews with Karen Weiser and Sal Randolph.




(between the sea and the sea)
based on translations of Andalusian Poems, printed on archival paper with screen print cover
limited edition of 20

collaboration with Leon Johnson
zine printed on french newsprint and archival paper with inserts
limited edition of 10

collaboration with Christine Shan Shan Hou
paper and vellum with newsprint insert, hand-stamped cover
edition of 100

editions can also be found under GRAVEL PROJECTS, a collaborative system featuring printed matter, editions and publications.